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Will Animals Be Resurrected?

The indications in the Bible are that of all God’s physical creation, only human beings are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26) and are destined to live again in the kingdom of God. When God created human beings, he gave them a mind for the purpose of developing righteous character, which will fit them for eternal life. Our free booklet Why Were You Born? explains the purpose of human life and the awesome future that lies ahead.

Nowhere does the Bible indicate that animals have any hope of life beyond the grave. Like all physical creatures, including human beings, animals go to their graves when they die (Ecclesiastes 3:19‑20). But, for human beings, there is a resurrection (John 5:28‑29). No such promise is given specifically for beasts.

For further information about the resurrection, you may wish to request our booklet What Happens After Death?

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